Since I had not played in twenty years, I was very nervous before going to my first rehearsal with the Southern Winds. Once I was there, the other band members made me feel welcomed and put me at ease. I am slowly regaining my ability to play clarinet and I really enjoy being a member of the group!

SWCB had a huge impact on my transition when we moved to Georgia from New York three years ago. Continuing my clarinet playing was very important to me. Through SWCB I met musicians that opened doors for me for other musical opportunities. I cannot give SWCB enough credit for helping me create a new life here.

To me, the most precious thing about our band is the band members’ personalities. It blows me away to see their vitality and zest for living. What great people they are! They never fail to amaze me with their dedication and love for music.

I enjoy being in the Southern Winds because:

  • I like music and like getting to know others. I also like helping others in the band!
  • I get to play again!
  • I like the friendly people!
  • I am able to play with an ensemble and meet new people.
  • I enjoy being in the Southern Winds because of the different types of music! And friends!
  • I play with experienced musicians and meet new friends!
  • I enjoy being in the Southern Winds because my fellow section members encourage me.
  • I enjoy being in the Southern Winds because it gives me the feeling that I am contributing to producing beautiful music.