Mona Post is a homemaker who graduated with a B.A. degree in biology from Emory University. She says, “My passion is flower-gardening, as I love observing the beauty of flowers, learning about flowers, and experimenting with growing flowers.”

Mona “is a southerner from South Carolina married to a good Yankee” who graduated from Rutgers University with a BS in mechanical engineering. He is an engineer with The Coca-Cola Company, where he manages syrup plant capital projects. Mona and he have two grown children.

Mona has actively played flute in groups since childhood except for several years when she was rearing their children.

Mona started learning to play the flute the summer after the third grade. After struggling with the flute for three weeks, she told her mother that she wanted to quit playing forever; but her mother would not allow her to quit. Thankfully, she can now say, and she has told her mother many times how grateful she is for wise parenting.