Jenny started learning piano from her mother during fourth grade. When she demonstrated she would practice, her parents agreed to pay for a teacher. Two years later, she had the opportunity to join the school band. Hearing all the instruments demonstrated, she chose saxophone, but because a trumpet was cheaper, she played that. In the middle of seventh grade, the family moved, and Jenny started attending a school with 1,200 kids in two grades. That shift might have driven her in bad directions with unsavory friends had not a wise, kind band director introduced her to the French horn. The challenge kept her busy, out of trouble and into music.

A year later, the family moved again and Jenny wound up in a 12-grade school with only 200 students. The band director was very happy to issue her a French horn, which again preserved her sanity and gave her something to excel with. Besides piano, trumpet and French horn, Jenny has had occasion to play several other brass instruments, organ, flute, accordion, guitar and – after many years – now is also learning the saxophone. Playing by ear has crippled her for becoming an excellent musician, but she enjoys music as a hobby. She hopes the discipline involved in French horn practice for Southern Winds will greatly improve her French horn performance. Jenny is a published author and also enjoys painting, sewing, reading and spending time with friends.

Jenny and her husband, Gary, live near Canton with their spoiled calico cat, Monet.